Tomorrow, Remember Today

Remember the light

Have you remembered

how many times you’ve said

Good morning

Good night

or Hello Home?

I’ve counted and recounted them

fearing that you might have gone.


It took one word

that’s all it took

to turn seasons in the past

and when you wouldn’t stop

but kept on saying more

I felt that this is real,

I felt that this will last.


And then I saw you.

You gazed at me with thirst

you had too little words

for all the thoughts and feelings

for all the songs and pieces

of last year

last month

of last Wednesday,

for what your heart stands witness.

I trust you will remember

how many times you’ve said

Good morning

and Good night

and dearest Hello Home.

You’ll hold them closer, darling

past times are now returning.

Nobody goes alone.

Photo – Paula Gecan



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