Light and black

Light & Black

She sometimes liked to go out in the sun light

only to close her eyes and watch how darkness listens to her eyelids –

the power over light and shadows

gave her the comfort of the Now.


She sometimes liked to go up on the hill at night

to wrap herself in twinkling stars and in the city lights

beneath her feet

freedom is what she felt, caged as she was in thoughts of freedom.


At times, she liked to watch the candle flame

dance courageously in night’s veil

and under street lamps she would listen to the flicker of the passing day.


In jazz rhythms she would hide

when the rain covered the skies in grays

and in the glittering nuances of the symphonies

she once played

eyes closed

heart open.


She sometimes liked to go out before the break of dawn

with sleepy eyes to wake up

the sun.

Photo – Paula Gecan


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