Limitless Love

Love in black and white

Put on that comfortable robe; yes, the one that hugs your body so smooth… let your hair loose because the sight of your neck makes me go insane. I’ll just sit in my armchair and watch you.

Pour yourself that bubbly wine you love so much and don’t forget the slippers to keep those fantastic legs warm. Take three books with you, not one and never two – I remember dear, I remember how much you dislike sitting under your skylight with just one book handy; and two is for the dead. That little table you have there is always smiling between words, sounds, and tears of grapes. In the morning though, nothing makes you happier than that walnut oolong tea with little bites of caramel. No, no milk to spoil it.

Oh, how I’ve missed you… sitting here and watching you move, hearing you breathe, the swishing sound of your robe floating through the air… your perfume makes me want to close my eyes, but I can’t allow that just yet, I need to see for longer, you’ve been away for too long… and now you’re back, and I’m back.

We’re in that place called love and through this place of love move peacefully all places; yes is a world, and in this world of yes live all places. Love is the place where all now turns when.

Love… nothing false or possible is love; love is imagined, and therefore limitless. Just as yes is to if, love is to yes.

Love in white and black

Photos – Paula Gecan 


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