Passion. Madness. A subtle line between the two, but the risk itself is the blood of both.
Sometimes I’m a child with big, curious eyes.
Sometimes I’m an intellectual, I know a lot and tell you that I know so little.
Sometimes I’m just a sleepy face that can’t stop laughing.
Forever dreamer with strong roots in reality. Life’s miracle.
At all times, I’m just me.
When I read, when I travel, when I get lost in my dance with the sounds and the autumn’s leaves. Also, when I tell you the story of the stars, or when I send you the message the mountains whispered in my ear.
Sometimes I hide from the world with just my violin. I pretend nobody exists, even though they see me – „in music, the passions enjoy themselves”. 
Passion. Madness. Originality. These days?

Hello, I’m Anca Gagiuc, welcome.

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